Purim without Esther or Mordecai


David Waksberg, CEO of JewishLearningWorks, shared this story an email this week:

When our son was learning to read, every piece of writing was a new adventure, including the Jewish calendar on our kitchen wall.

Sounding out a new set of words one spring day as we were chopping vegetables and setting the table, he asked: “What’s Holocaust Remembrance Day?”

We weren’t ready to talk about the Shoah (Holocaust), but my wife, quick on her feet, started to explain this enormous and incomprehensible thing to our six year old.

“Oh,” he said. “It’s like Purim, but without Esther and Mordecai.”

That people hated Jews enough to try to kill them did not shock our six year old; he was already familiar with that story. What made the Shoah different was that they succeeded.

Shockingly insightful and raw words from the mouth of a babe. Read the rest of Waksberg’s Yom HaShoah message here.

Photo source: Wikipedia

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